From the Henry County Sheriff’s Office

Written by Theresa Rose on July 25, 2016

On Friday, July 22nd, 2016, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was notified of suspicious activity around an unoccupied residence in the 300 block of South 4th Street in Rome.  An investigation resulted in David Beebe, 30, of Mt. Pleasant, being charged for trespassing, a simple misdemeanor.


On Saturday, July 23rd, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a 2 vehicle collision involving a motorcycle at the intersection of Main Street and Chestnut Street in New London.  An investigation determined, Leslie Bench Jr, 46, of New London was traveling westbound on Main Street on his 2005 Harley Davidson motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of him.  The other driver, Aimee Goldmeyer, 41, also of New London, was driving her 2004 Acura car and did not see the approaching motorcycle as she attempted to turn eastbound onto Main Street.  Only minor injuries were reported.  Damage to the vehicles was estimated around $8000.  Goldmeyer was issued a citation for Failure to Obey Stop Sign/Yield Right of Way.