From Senator Rich Taylor

Written by Theresa Rose on February 6, 2017


Senate Republicans are moving forward with a bill to cut funding for a key health care provider for low-income Iowans. Senate File 2 was approved by the Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote Tuesday and by the full Senate on a party-line vote Thursday.

Senate File 2 discontinues what’s known as the “Medicaid Family Planning Waiver.” This program is paid for mostly by the federal government. Iowa pays only 10 cents out of every dollar spent on this critical health care program for low-income Iowans. The Republican proposal replaces it with a state family planning services program that will be paid for completely by Iowa taxpayers.

Even though no state funds whatsoever go toward abortions, the new program will prohibit health care providers that offer abortions from providing any health care services through the program. The Branstad-Reynolds Administration and Republican legislators have publicly stated that the primary goal of Senate File 2 is to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, a move the majority of Iowans oppose.

Republicans claim that their new plan will improve access to family planning services throughout the state, but have failed to explain how. Iowans are speaking out against this bad proposal because it will:

  • Cut access to critical health care services
  • Restrict women’s choice of health care providers
  • Increase unintended pregnancies and abortions
  • Cut federal funding, which is fiscally irresponsible
  • Cost Iowa taxpayers 10 times as much while helping fewer people

Senate File 2 is a wasteful, ineffective way to use taxpayers’ hard-earned money, especially when Republicans insist the state budget is in bad shape and have just slashed millions of dollars from our state patrol, courts, job training and help for vulnerable Iowans.




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