From Senator Rich Taylor

Written by Theresa Rose on January 27, 2017


A proposal by legislative Republicans to make deep, mid-year budget cuts threatens public safety and help for victims. Senate File 130 cuts more than $10 million from our justice system, undermining the state’s ability to keep Iowans safe.

If the Republicans pass this bill, our neighborhoods and communities could be in jeopardy. Their cuts mean:

  • Help for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes could be cut.
  • Citizens will not have access to all the services they rely on from our court system.
  • We’ll have fewer investigators to solve crimes and fewer troopers to help us in emergencies.
  • Crimes won’t get prosecuted and victims won’t get justice in a timely way.
  • Our prisons will be more dangerous places, with fewer guards on duty.

Iowa wouldn’t be faced with a $117 million budget deficit if Republicans had focused more time and energy over the past six years on strengthening our schools, building the skilled workforce that Iowa employers need and improving quality of life for all Iowans. Instead, they’ve made tax giveaways to big, out-of-state corporations the fastest growing part of the state budget.

Tax breaks for corporations now top $500 million annually. This approach has slowed the state’s economy and left the budget in the red. The unfortunate result is Iowa students and working families are being forced to pay for failed policies.

There are still a million questions—and no good answers—about the impact of Republican cuts. If that worries you, contact your legislators. Find your state legislators at Then call or e-mail them and tell them to oppose these budget cuts.



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This is a legislative update from State Senator Rich Taylor, representing Henry and Lee counties and portions of Washington and Jefferson counties. For bio, photos and further information, go to

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Senator Taylor is ranking member on the Judiciary Committee. He also serves on the Agriculture and Labor & Business Relations committees.