From Senator Rich Taylor

Written by Theresa Rose on June 8, 2015

Taylor: Session ends with compromises
and important steps forward
More work to be done next year
to expand Iowa’s middle class

The 2015 session of the Iowa Legislature has concluded with compromises and important steps forward, according to State Senator Rich Taylor of Mount Pleasant.

“Investments in education and helping Iowa’s working families dominated my work during this session,” said Taylor. “While more could and should have been done, I agreed to compromise rather than be stuck in political gridlock. My efforts did help increase funding for local schools; extend the college tuition freeze; improve Iowa’s infrastructure and create jobs; and balance the state budget responsibly.”

Taylor said work needs to be done during the next legislative session to create more opportunities and expand Iowa’s middle class.

“Even though the state of Iowa has a billion dollars in savings, House Republicans simply would not invest enough to put Iowa schools back on track and give schoolchildren the opportunities they deserve,” said Taylor. “Next year, our first step must be to do more for education. Educational opportunity helps Iowans get ahead and we count on our schools’ graduates to become the next generation of Iowa community leaders, workers and entrepreneurs.”

The 2015 session was the first of the 86th General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature. Bills approved this year by only one chamber are still eligible for debate in the second year of the session, which begins next January.

“The Senate approved several bills, many with strong bipartisan support that have yet to be debated by the Iowa House,” said Taylor. “I’m proud to have helped the Senate pass tougher laws against wage theft, an increase in the minimum wage, anti-bullying and a responsible, highly-regulated approach to medical cannabis to help suffering Iowans.”

Iowa’s state government currently consists of a Republican governor, Republican House of Representatives and Democratic Senate. The new state budget and most new legislation will take effect beginning on July 1, 2015.

“Many people from my district contacted me during the session with ideas, suggestions and concerns,” said Taylor. “During the coming months, I’ll be discussing this year’s accomplishments at meetings and in my newsletter, listening to local concerns and preparing for 2016. I can be reached at or (319) 931-1568.”