From School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on December 30, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant School Board approved the individuals that will make up the supt interview groups. Stakeholder groups will participate in the interviews of the final candidates for the supt position. The groups represent a cross section of the community and district staff and administration as well as students and the board. Interim Supt Dr. John Roederer told board last night that he worked for diversity and balance in the parent, community member and the staff groups. There are also members of each group that have children in the district. The students who will participate in the interviews have not been selected yet. Dr. Roederer plans to meet with each stakeholder group before the interviews begin. The board anticipates the final candidates will go thru interviews at the end of January. A special meeting has been set for January 4 during which time the board will go into closed session to discuss the 12 supt applicants and hopefully decide on 3 to 5 finalists that can be announced at the regular January 11 meeting.
Dr. Roederer said he is working on a proposed compensation package. He noted that Mt. Pleasant will have to be competitive since other districts are looking for supt and applicants for the Mt. Pleasant job may be under consideration by some other districts.
There will not be an ATM in the Mt. Pleasant High School commons. The school board decided last night it wasn’t that necessary. Plus, there were some comments made to board members by financial experts in the community who felt it was not a good idea.