From Mt. Pleasant School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on February 13, 2018

The Mt. Pleasant School Board met in regular session Monday night.  Following a public hearing on the plans, specs, contract and estimated cost of phase 2 of the elementary ac project the board voted to go with the low bids on the various bid packages.  There were four packages altogether with several contractors bidding the various parts like general, controls, electrical, and mechanical.  The approved combined total comes to $2,369,640. Supt. John Henriksen said they were pleased with the accepted bids.  Breaking down the total package…general construction and mechanical went to Frank Millard Company, Johnson Controls received the controls contract, and Mohrfeld Electric received the electrical.  The total project cost for phase one and phase two of the ac project will come in at $2.95 million dollars, just a little less than the three million estimated cost.

Previously, the school board approved early retirement incentives for staff that qualified as part of a budget control effort.  Last night the board approved a list of early retirement requests that includes many long time teachers….Dave Watts, Lisa Augsburger, Laurie Klopfenstein, Deb Vroom, Diane Walker, Ronda McLaughlin and Kirby Booten.  Also taking the offer…Valarie Wilham, Cathy Sears, Collen Kramer and Becky Wright.

The Mt. Pleasant School Board is still at odds over a policy regarding individuals on the sex offender registry. The local district didn’t have a policy dictating these persons access to school property and events.  The board has been struggling to create a policy with three members insisting on no access at all and four being willing to allow for certain situations if the superintendent approves.  Last night the first reading of a proposed policy passed four to three. The policy says the only time an individual on the registry could be on school property would be for a high school graduation and only if approved by the supt.  The yes votes were Chuck Andrew, Willy Amos, Carl Braun and Jennifer Crull.  At least two of those would have been happier with no access at all.  The no votes were Kevin Sandersfeld, Martha Wiley and Dave McCoid.  In previous discussions  these board members seemed willing to allow those on the sex offender list to request permission from the supt to attend any event or even just pick up their kids at school if approved by the supt and if accompanied by an administrator.  There will be a second reading.