From MP School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on February 14, 2017

The Mt. Pleasant School board met Monday night.  As part of the discussion on budget reduction objectives, the board received a basic lesson in school finance from Supt. John Henriksen.  The superintendent wanted to explain how the Mt. Pleasant district came to be in a situation where $800,000 needs to be cut from the general fund budget. Since 2013 Mt. Pleasant has experienced what many districts in the state have also faced….less in supplemental aid or allowable growth from the legislature and decreases in enrollment.  But since 2013 no adjustments have been made as far as expenditures. As the board begins to consider where to make adjustments, there have been some teachers and support staff who plan to take advantage of the early retirement offer, one of the efforts to cut the budget. Wednesday is the deadline for any other staff to decide on early retirement.

Sharing agreements created some board discussion.  WACO wants to share baseball and New London wants to share dance. Even tho the agreements were approved, it wasn’t unanimous. Board members Carl Braun and Chuck Andrew voted no.  They expressed concern that there might be Mt. Pleasant students that wouldn’t get their chance to participate.