Fire Crews on the Scene at Main Street Cinemas

Written by Theresa Rose on July 16, 2015

Mt. Pleasant Fire Department was called early Thursday afternoon to investigate the cause of smoke in the Main Street Cinema building. Theater owner Scott Lowe said an exhaust fan apparently pulled smoke into the theater from above one of the apartments on the second level of the building. Lowe said firefighters discovered smoldering insulation above an apartment at the front of the building. That block of Main Street took a hard lightening strike Wednesday night that Lowe said “fried” the electrical system in the apartments and the movie theater. It looks like that may have been the cause of the problem. Several trucks were on the scene for about 2 hours. One firefighter had some trouble with smoke inhalation and apparently a second got insulation in his eyes. The free afternoon merchant movie had to be cancelled. But Lowe was hoping to open the theater for the evening shows. Only employees were in the building when the smoke was discovered.