Fake threat made by MP Middle School student

Written by John Kuhens on May 22, 2018

At approximately 3:30 pm on Monday, May 21, Mount Pleasant Middle School was notified by the Mount Pleasant Police Department that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had received a complaint about a student referencing violence against a school.  According to the police, the threat was a “vague” statement made on YouTube.  Upon identification and investigation of the individual, the individual admitted to the statement and said it was meant to be a joke.  The Police Department’s investigation included notification and interview of the student, the student’s parents and a subsequent search of the residence.  No items of concern were found, including no firearms.  The individual was released to the custody of parents pending the consideration of charges.  The School District will continue to work with federal and local law enforcement officials, and legal counsel to determine appropriate disciplinary action.  Parents are welcome to call Central Office at 319.385.7750 with questions or concerns.