Fairfield’s ‘Tune into our Vibe’ rolling billboard hits the Iowa roads

Written by Theresa Rose on June 2, 2016

Fairfield, Iowa – Images of Fairfield will now be displayed on a rolling billboard traveling the highways and bi-ways of Iowa.
The Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau has partnered with the Iowa Tourism Office and the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division with a wrapped semi-trailer depicting Fairfield’s music, dance, art and nature scene. The trailer is currently on the road and will be traveling for two years.
The tagline, included in the 52 foot rolling billboard, “Tune into our vibe,” is something the Bureau is testing in response to the initial Fairfield rebranding efforts.
Josie Hannes Design, a Fairfield based photographer and graphic designer designed the graphics that are displayed on the trailer.

Over the last year, Fairfield has undergone a community assessment analyzing the tourism product and is presently engaging with Total Destination Marketing, an Oregon based firm to develop a tourism brand.
The Bureau works continually to promote Fairfield as a tourism destination. Fairfield has been named one of America’s best small towns by the Smithsonian magazine and called America’s most unusual town by Oprah.  It has become not only a great place to live but an interesting place to visit.
“We are always looking at different ways to market Fairfield and promote the unique experiences to be had,” said Rustin Lippincott, director of the Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, Fairfield’s leading tourism marketing and destination management organization. “Fairfield has definitely a vibe, whether it be the music vibe, food vibe, sustainability vibe, arts & culture vibe….we want visitors to tune into the great things we are doing in Fairfield and the many experiences they can have by visiting.”
Tourism is a $40.61 million industry in Fairfield and Jefferson County, employing 370 people. Fairfield’s hotel-motel tax increased 3.5% from last year. Tourism is an economic driver for Jefferson County, contributing to the local option sales tax.
“When people visit Fairfield, they stay in our lodging properties, eat in the restaurants, shop, attend a show at the Sondheim, all contributing to our economy,” said Lippincott. “Tourism is ‘the first date’ for people to experience Fairfield. We hope they will move here, do business here; that’s the ultimate goal.”
For more information on Fairfield tourism, visit TravelFairfield.com or contact the Convention & Visitors Bureau, 641-472-2828.