Fairfield Downtown Businesses can apply for Blade Signage Grant

Written by Theresa Rose on July 29, 2016


Fairfield, Iowa – The Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau has announced a new grant program to assist downtown Fairfield business owners with signage improvements. The grant will fund variety of styles of blade signage, used in pedestrian friendly areas that project from the building for identification.  These signs project outward from the building at a 90 degree angle and are hung on the first floor level.  Blade signs play a major role in pedestrian wayfinding as well as adding charm to the downtown area.

Last year, the CVB engaged a Tourism assessment team to visit Fairfield with the goal of receiving feedback on how to make our community a better tourism destination.  Wayfinding signage, which is signage that helps direct visitors around the community, was noted one of the areas needing improvement. Blade signage is a subset of wayfinding signs and can be an effective way to identify businesses around the square and improving the pedestrian experience.

Eligible businesses are those located in the downtown cultural district. A total of 15 grants will be awarded in the amount of $150. Businesses wishing to apply for the CVB Blade sign grant may pick up an application at the CVB offices, located inside the Convention Center.  Applications for this grant will be available until Sept 15. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Bureau at 641-472-2828.