Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau to lead 20/20 Building a Vision for Fairfield’s Future

Written by Theresa Rose on April 15, 2015

FAIRFIELD, (Iowa) – The Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau is building a vision for Fairfield’s future. In the coming months, the Bureau, along with the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Association, will partner with Zeitgeist Consulting DMO PROZ from Madison, Wisconsin for a community assessment to address a changing marketplace, changes in visitor demographics and a change in Fairfield’s tourism landscape along with an examination of Fairfield’s tourism and quality of life products.
The community assessment is part of the action plan the Bureau is embarking on that unites Fairfield organizations to support and development Fairfield’s products – events, attractions, retail and dining; stimulate local spending, the visitor economy and increase sales tax revenue; strengthen Fairfield’s quality of life; and enhance Fairfield’s marketing message to create an effective, unified voice.
Following extensive research, the Bureau selected Zeitgeist Consulting DMO PROZ to partner on the 20/20 Building a vision for Fairfield’s future. Zeitgeist Consulting has been working to advance the science, art and impact of Destination Marketing Organizations since 1995. Over the past 20 years, Zeitgeist has worked with over 180 DMOs across North America in areas such as Strategic Planning, Board Governance, Advocacy, Destination Assessments and Organizational Audits. Zeitgeist was founded on the simple premise that Destination Marketing Organizations looking for a consultative hand should be able to turn to someone that has actually done time in the DMO trenches.
“We are excited at this opportunity to continue Fairfield’s reputation as a travel destination,” said Rustin Lippincott, Fairfield Convention & Visitors Bureau. “There are many interesting and unique aspects to Fairfield’s tourism product. This assessment will allow us to strengthen these products and identify missed opportunities for economic growth and welcoming more visitors.
Zeitgeist Consulting DMO PROZ will conduct an assessment that will provide Fairfield with a snapshot of visitor experiences. Their review team will assess facets of a community that locals would never see…and, thus, offer compelling suggestions for infrastructure and visitor services development. They have impacted communities in over 25 states and have worked with many Iowa communities including Cedar Rapids, Mason City, Iowa City/Coralville, Dubuque and the Quad Cities. Their three member team will help the community gain an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as well as discover ways we can reverse revenue leakages from visitor and local spending occurring in other communities.
“The Bureau is excited to partner with the Chamber and Economic Development Association in conducting this assessment and beginning the conversation of enhancing Fairfield’s quality of life and overall attractiveness.”
A local community assessment will also be part of the process and the Bureau hopes to assemble a steering committee of Fairfield minded individuals to work together to champion the assessment.
For more information on the Fairfield community assessment, contact Terry Baker at the Bureau, tbaker@travelfield.com or 641-472-2828.