Fairfield community invited to understand role of downtown and tourism at workshops

Written by Theresa Rose on April 17, 2015

Convention & Visitors Bureau hosting three public sessions reviewing the ingredients of outstanding downtowns
FAIRFIELD, (Iowa) – “20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown” will be the subject of three public sessions hosted by the Fairfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).
These sessions will take place on April 21, 28 & May 5 and will be held at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. The sessions will be held three times per day – 7 a.m. – 8 a.m.; 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to pick the time that works for them but they do not need to attend multiple sessions per day.
Those in attendance will see videos prepared by Roger Brooks, a leader in community assessment and branding. As the CEO of Roger Brooks International, Brooks has assisted more than one thousand communities over the past thirty years in their quest to become outstanding destinations for residents, businesses, and visitors. Roger provides communities with bottom-line solutions and fresh ideas that can be implemented today to make a difference tomorrow.
In an effort to answer the question of why some downtown areas struggle while others thrive, Roger and his team spent nearly six years surveying and studying more than 400 well-branded and vibrant downtowns, downtown districts, and communities in North America. This extensive research allowed Roger to uncover the most common elements that led to a successful and thriving downtown district. In this photographic “idea book” workshop, you’ll hear stories from these great places, see dozens of “how they did it” photographic examples, and learn the twenty universal ingredients required to create and enhance Fairfield as an outstanding destination.
A vibrant downtown in a community is important not only for the businesses that are located there, but for the entire community and its residents. Successful businesses grow and expand, which leads to job creation, increased tax revenues, and more entertainment opportunities for local residents, all of which provide for an improved quality of life for everyone in the community.
Successful businesses also attract more out of town visitors to a community, and those visitors will shop and spend money in these businesses, while also eating at local restaurants and staying in local hotels. All of these dollars that are brought to the community provide for economic growth that benefits everyone.
These public sessions are the first step in a community assessment and branding process being conducted by the CVB, with cooperation from the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Fairfield Economic Development Association. The Zeitgeist Consulting Community Assessment team will also make a visit at a later date as this community-wide process continues.
Beginning with the April 21 session, the public may choose from one of three time slots; 7 a.m., noon or 5:30 pm. Coffee and treats will be served at the 7 a.m. session. Individuals wishing to attend the noon session are invited to bring their lunch. Each session will include a 45 minute video presentation followed by brief conversation for approximately 10 minutes.
The public is cordially invited to attend these sessions in order to provide input into this self-assessment process. Especially welcome are tourism and economic development practitioners, representatives of downtown businesses and organizations, planning professionals, elected officials, city personnel, and anyone who plays a role in creating and marketing Fairfield as a premier destination for both locals and visitors alike.
For more information on the CVB’s public sessions, please contact Terry Baker, tbaker@travelfairfield.com or 641-472-2828.