Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Membership Program is Underway

Written by Anna Greiner on September 12, 2016

The Fairfield Arts & Convention Center is pleased to announce their yearly membership program which runs through June 30, 2017. The program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to support the Center. With minimal operational support from the City of Fairfield or Jefferson County, members play an important part of the events, shows and experiences at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.
The mission of the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center is to enhance the quality of life and contribute to the economic vitality of Jefferson County and Southeast Iowa through education, entertainment, and the performing arts. Last year the Center contributed a positive economic impact of $3.5 million for Southeast Iowa. A private, member-supported organization, the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center Board of Directors Chairman Mark Cohen declared the need for the Center to double the members, currently at 156 to more than 300.
“The Center has demonstrated its place in our community countless times over the last 9 years from giving back to other non-profits in the area to hosting over 860 meetings and special events,” said Cohen. “Just like other community event centers, the Des Moines Civic Center for example, your Center requires community support and involvement. Our membership program offers great benefits, but more importantly it’s the catalyst to filling in the financial gap.”
Membership is critical to the sustainability of the Center, subsidizing operational income. The Center’s operational income includes ticket sales, food & beverage sales, room rental, in addition to grants, corporate sponsorships of the Artist Series and member contributions.
Current ticket prices cover less than 60% of show costs and membership fills in the gap between affordable ticket prices and events and performances.  Rental rates at the Center are also supported with membership dollars to keep rental rates affordable.
As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the Center understands the importance of long-term sustainability and is currently increasing efforts to build up their endowment fund which was revitalized with the news of the Endow Iowa tax credit opportunity.
Membership benefits include savings on Artist Series performances, priority waiting list for sold out shows, artist meet and greet opportunities and other special events for members only and begins at contributions of $100. Donors have the flexibility to give one contribution or monthly payments.
“Membership contributions are tax deductible and begin as little as $9 a month,” said Kadie Dennison, Development Manager. “We have become a venue that attracts patrons and customers from across the region and we welcome members from near and far. Anytime is a good to give to your Center, but right now, it’s important. We need to double our memberships for us to be viable.”
The Fairfield Arts & Convention Center membership program has developed over the past several years. The program not only contributes to the sustainability of the facility but also helps create a sense of pride and excitement for Fairfield and Jefferson County.
“We support the Center because it’s a community place and it’s part of our community involvement.” said Steve & Melinda Arndt, current members of the Center. “We are blessed in that there is no city of 10,000 people like this anywhere else in the state of Iowa.”
More information on the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center’s membership program can be found online at FairfieldACC.com or by calling Kadie Dennison at 641-472-2000 ext. 104.