Driver with Possible Medical Issue

Written by Theresa Rose on January 30, 2017

At approximately 1:30PM on Sunday afternoon January 29, 2017 the Henry County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 report of white passenger car traveling approximately 5MPH near Mile Marker #43 on Hwy 218.  A minute or so later the dispatch center received another 911 report of the same vehicle now stopped in the middle of the roadway.  A few minutes after the last 911 call, dispatch received a 3rd call where the calling party stated they were following the offending vehicle with their 4-way flashers on in hopes of preventing an accident.


Sheriff’s office personnel arrived on scene approximately 10 minutes after the original call was dispatched out.  Upon arrival, the offending vehicle was still traveling southbound on Hwy 218 going approximately 2-3 MPH.  A male subject in the vehicle acknowledged the deputy by giving a “thumbs up” in the rear view mirror but refused to pull over for the deputy even though the lights and siren were activated on the patrol vehicle.


With the assistance of the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, a running roadblock was conducted on the offending vehicle where it was later stopped near exit 40 on Hwy 218.  Once stopped the driver of the vehicle refused all verbal commands, such as rolling down his window and shutting his vehicle off. The driver had to be physically removed from the vehicle.


Henry County Ambulance was dispatched to the scene due to the driver not responding to verbal commands and acting ill.  The 35-year male was transported to HCHC and was later committed for a mental evaluation.  Due to the medical issues the driver’s identity is being withheld.  Charges are pending.


On Monday morning January 30, 2017 The Henry County Sheriff’s Office took a report where someone had passed fraudulent $100 bill at the River Rock Café.