Dover Sunday

Written by Theresa Rose on July 9, 2018

The annual ‘Dover Sunday’ will be celebrated at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, July 15 at the Dover Museum, New London, with a program titled, “Kids in the Depot”.  Along with her cousin, speaker Cyndie Reppert of Ft. Madison, spent untold hours in the Pilot Grove RR depot with their grandmother, Mrs. Audrey Dunn, the depot agent.  What a fun place to explore, the people they met, and the tales they can tell!


Pilot Grove was on the CB&Q line, nicknamed the Peavine, which ran from Ft. Madison to Ottumwa for nearly 50 years.


The land upon which the depot was located eventually became the property of J. J. Nichting Co.  In 2012 the Dover Historical Society purchased the depot for $1 and had it moved to New London.  It will be open for tours following the program at the museum.


Also that day, visitors can view for the first time, the new steam engine mural at the depot painted by Michael Clark of Aurora, IL, with Walldogs, a group of painters from across the country who usually paint murals on the sides of buildings.  We sincerely thank the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation, Pennebaker Foundation, William M. and Donna J. Hoaglin Foundation, Oberman-Beck Foundation, the and City of New London for their support of this project.


Train decorated railroad spikes will be for sale and refreshments will be served.