Dog will have to go

Written by Theresa Rose on September 19, 2016

The Mt. Pleasant City Council met at noon today and voted to uphold the order to have a dog removed from the city limits.  The dog’s owner, Rick Sartorius, at 302 E. Orchard recently submitted an appeal to the order.  After hearing from the owner and the neighbor,Sandy Christner, who said the dog bit her while she was walking in the street, the council met to make a decision on the appeal.  Council members said the facts of the situation, the city ordinance, the police report and recommendation of the police all figured into the final outcome.  It was also stated that the cold hard facts were that unprovoked the dog left it’s owners property and attacked the neighbor. Council member Steve Engberg was not present at the noon meeting.  He previously announced he would abstain from a vote on the appeal since he does business with Sartorius.  Otherwise, the council’s vote was unanimous.