Dog Incident in Rome

Written by Theresa Rose on May 18, 2017

At approximately 11:28AM on May 16, 2017, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a dog running at large in northern part of the City of Rome barking and growling at people.

While investigating the report, a Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy was advised that the owners of the dog in question allow the dog to run loose frequently. It was reported that the dog was being aggressive towards several neighbors while they were working in their yards.  It was reported that the dog was growling and showing its teeth to the neighbors.

As the Sheriff’s Deputy was walking across the public street the dog aggressively ran into the street and towards the Sheriff’s Deputy and a private citizen.   After an attempt to get the dog to back off, the dog aggressively came at the Sheriff’s Deputy and the private citizen again.  The Sheriff’s Deputy then shot the dog to protect himself and the public.

The dog was taken, by the owners, to a local veterinarian for treatment of injuries.