Courage for Drake

Written by Theresa Rose on April 9, 2015

Wayland, Iowa: Mark Bigler almost lost his son, and lost his 5 1/2 month old grandson, Drake, to a drunk driver in 2012. Mr. Bigler shared with WACO students the importance of having courage. Courage, to call 911, courage to not let a friend or family member drink and drive, and most importantly, Courage, to not drink and drive. Mr. Bigler’s son, Brad Bigler is a coach at Southwest Minnesota State. Along with his wife, Heather and the NCAA they work to spread the message, “It’s a Slam Dunk, Dont’ Drive Drunk.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Local law enforcement including the Henry County Sheriff, and Deputies, Wayland Chief of Police and Wayland Fire and Rescue members were on site to help stress the importance of having the courage to not drink and drive. They also attended classrooms where students could openly discuss the Bigler story and the importance of having that courage with prom, graduation and summer celebrations upon us. Please encourage your students, your family and your friends to have the courage to stop drunk driving. It takes all of us to stop underage drinking.