County Supervisors Want Input Regarding County Waste Collection Sites

Written by Theresa Rose on August 11, 2017

The Henry County Supervisors are serious about recycling and concerned about illegal dumping.  The board wants to see more Henry County rural residents recycle. That would help decrease the amount of tonnage going into the landfill plus it’s just the right thing to do.  One way to encourage more recycling will take affect at some point in the near future.  Rural residents will receive free 30 gallon recycling bags that are durable, washable and collapsible.  But first the supervisors and the county waste contractor, Mike Prottsman, have to figure out how to handle what is hoped will be an increase in the amount of recyclables at the four outlying collection sites.  The bag also makes recycling easier because items can be co-mingled but only the central site in Mt. Pleasant takes co-mingled items.  The Supervisors are considering eliminating the outlying sites due to lack of capacity in a mobile collection unit and also due to illegal dumping that is increasing because the sites can’t open until 10 am.  The outlying sites also don’t take everything the central site does, like electronics, tires and bulk items.  But before a decision is made the supervisors want to hear from the rural residents.