Contractor Plans Paving For Monday

Written by Theresa Rose on May 12, 2016

Jones Contracting has Mapleleaf Drive ready to pour will wait until Monday May 16 to make the pour. This is due to 100% chance of storms Friday afternoon. Work will begin at 6:30 Monday morning. The Contractor will be paving from Harvey Dr. to Grand Ave. The Contractor will then be working the rest of the week pouring driveways and the frontage road back. Kinney & Sons will be grading on Mapleleaf Dr. and installing subdrains and placing subbase rock from Cherry to Grand Ave. The only access off Grand Ave. onto Mapleleaf Dr. is to the Lutheran Church. Weather permitting Jones Contracting is hoping to pave Mapleleaf Dr. from Cherry St. to Grand Ave. by Friday May 20th or Monday May 23rd. There will come a time around Tuesday or Wednesday next week that Cherry St. & Mapleleaf Dr. intersection will be closed so Kinney & Sons can prepare the intersection to be paved along with the portion back to Grand Ave. Once the intersection mainline is paved Jones Contracting will be working to finish pouring all Radius’s back so as to not have this intersection closed any longer than necessary.