Construction Project Updates

Written by Anna Greiner on June 1, 2018

North Jefferson St.

The North Jefferson St. part of the project is nearing completion. Jones Contracting will finish pouring sidewalks, ADA ramps and colored slope today Thursday May 31st and tomorrow Friday June 1st.

Tomorrow June 1st the striping crew will be painting centerline and parking stalls between Monroe St. & Madison St. Crews will be cleaning the intersection of Madison St. & North Jefferson St. Monday June 4th after the concrete has all reached maturity. We plan to have all of Jefferson St. open to traffic Monday June 4th as soon as all the cleaning and signs have been installed.

This project is actually two weeks ahead of the original schedule for completion. All the construction crews involved in this project have worked very hard to get this project done ahead of schedule. A big thank you to Mt Pleasant Utilities for all their hard work replacing the old watermain and water services ahead of construction of the new street.

South Main St.

South Main St. is being paved today May 31st from the center of the entrance to the North Apartment North of Langdon St. South to the North Return of South St. Jones Contracting will be sealing joints and starting to set up the South St. Intersection to pour it back June 4th. It will take most of the week weather permitting to pour this intersection back.

Kinney & Sons will move back in on South Main St. Tuesday June 5th and start grading out for replacing the new 5 ft. wide sidewalk on the West side of Main St. from South St. North to North of Langdon St. and then also start grading out the driveways.

Jones Contracting will come in right behind Kinney’s and start pouring the new sidewalk and then pour the driveways back after the sidewalk has been completed.

Starting Monday night home owners will be able to access the new street and park on the street at night between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. They will access South Main St. off of a temporary connection at Langdon St. Homeowners need to be back off the street during the day in order for the Contractors to complete their work.

Kinney and Sons will continue to remove concrete, install drainage structures and grade the next phase from just North of Webster St. to just South of the Wayland State Bank drive that exits onto South Main St.

I would like to praise all the construction crews and utility companies who have worked through several obstacles in the last month. So that we could make the first concrete pour today May 31ST.  Crews have been busy making sewer repairs, gas main relocates and PP relocations.

On the original schedule Jones Contracting had planned to start paving on South Main St. by July 1st so they are a good month ahead of schedule.

Jay St. Sewer

Drish Construction have been relocating storm sewers in Green St. just west of Locust St. and should finish this work by Friday June 1st so they can get started laying Sanitary Sewer west to Locust St.

Mt. Pleasant Utilities will be working on watermain relocations in the Green St. & Locust St. Intersection starting Monday June 4th.

Mapleleaf Athletic Sports Complex Parking Lot

Fye Excavating have hauled out the existing granular surfacing and are working on grading, scarifying and recompacting the subgrade. They will be doing this until Monday June 4th and they will then weather permitting start placing fabric and subbase rock for the paving. Crews are hoping to get the subbase rock placed so Jones Contracting could move in around June 11th to start trimming the subbase rock and start pouring the new concrete parking lot. Alliant Energy have a 6” gas main they need to relocate along Mapleleaf Dr. and a gas service they need to lower across the parking lot. Lisco needs to lower a fiber line East-West along Mapleleaf Dr. before the sidewalk can be reconstructed.