Committee Address Property Complaints

Written by Theresa Rose on July 26, 2018

Wednesday morning the Mount Pleasant City Council Ordinance Committee  visited with the owner of the historic home at the corner of Henry and Jefferson Streets.  Mike Clark owns 301 North Jefferson and has been working to restore the house.  Clark said he is doing the work himself due to costs so it is taking time.  The city continues to hear complaints about the exterior appearance of the house.  Before Clark bought the house about 3 years ago it had deteriorated, needing extensive work inside and out. Residents were complaining long before Clark took over the property.  Clark told the committee he has been focused on the inside mechanicals not so much the outside cosmetics.  He couldn’t give the city a time line for finishing the work outside.  The committee decided to re-visit the topic at next month’s meeting.

Another property of interest to the community is 123  North Jefferson.  The building was found to be overrun with cats and filled with trash.  The last cat was removed today.  The building is being fumigated and then will be professional cleaned. The owner no longer has a key.