Clarification Regarding School District Lease with IWU

Written by Theresa Rose on September 14, 2018

At it’s meeting Monday the Mt. Pleasant School Board could not agree on the proposed lease agreement with IWU for the Mapleleaf athletic complex facilities.  Supt. Henriksen presented the agreement negotiated with the university for the 2019-2020 school year and the 2020-2021 year for $5,000 each year and then the parties would re-negotiate.  Board president Dave McCoid asked for a motion on that agreement but an amendment was offered instead by board member Chuck Andrew.  He and Carl Braun felt the University should pay $15,000 rent for this year and then re-negotiate the lease for next year. That vote failed but so did a second vote on the original motion. After board discussion it seemed the general consensus was the proposed $5,000 per year might not be enough. Board members who are not on the finance committee asked to see the information on usage of the field by IWU. They also asked for usage by the Mt. Pleasant district and any other organization that uses the Mapleleaf facilities.

See official school board meeting minutes below:

Approve Lease Agreement with Iowa Wesleyan University – A proposed lease

agreement with Iowa Wesleyan University for use of the District athletic fields was presented to

the Board. The three year lease calls for no payment for the 2018-19 year ending 6/30/19, a

$5000 payment for 2019-2020 and $5000 for the 2020-2021 year. Director Andrew moved and

Braun seconded to change the agreement to request $15,000 for 2018-2019 payable by

September 14, 2018. The roll was called as follows: Aye: Braun, Andrew; Nay: Sandersfeld,

Amos, McCoid, Wiley, Crull. The motion was defeated.

Director Crull moved and Wiley seconded to adopt the original lease agreement as presented.

The roll was called as follows: Aye: McCoid, Wiley, Crull; Nay: Sandersfeld, Braun, Andrew,

Amos. The motion was defeated.