City Projects Still On Schedule Despite Rains

Written by Theresa Rose on June 28, 2018

Mount Pleasant Construction Project Update….

South Main Street

Kinney & Sons are working this week on replacing new Sanitary Sewer Services on South Main St. in the block between Warren & Clay Street. They plan to complete this work by July 5th.

The seeder will be coming in Friday on South Main St. to seed the areas disturbed during construction. Crews will go ahead and seed these areas because they have to be in compliance with the erosion plan. The areas that don’t grow will be reseeded this fall.

Jones Contracting plans to move in on South Main St. the week of July 2nd to trim the subbase and pave South Main St. N. Side of Webster St. to North side of Warren St. This will allow the Contractor to get the Green St. and the Warren St. intersections poured back and opened for traffic.

Jay Street Sewer

Drish Construction continues to lay Sanitary Sewer North on Locust to Warren St. Once they get to Warren the plan is to start grading Green St. and Locust street to pave the street back.

Mt. Pleasant Utilities will be working the rest of this week and next week replacing a water main across Green St. on the East side of Locust St.


Mapleleaf Athletic Parking Lot

Fye Excavating is excavating for the South 27’ of the Parking Lot and the sidewalk area on the North side of Mapleleaf Drive. Fye Excavating plan to start excavating for the rock basin and storm sewer drain pipe and structures the week of July 2nd weather permitting. This goes in below the permeable pavers in the center of the parking lot.

Jones Contracting is pouring the sidewalk along the North side of the parking lot today June 28th and will be paving the North 27’ of the South side of the parking lot tomorrow June 29th.

Kinney & Sons along with the help of Mt. Pleasant Utilities will be working with the School District to connect existing water lines to the new water service that has been installed to serve the Mapleleaf Athletic Complex. This will allow for removal of the old concrete meter pit that is in conflict with pouring the South 27’ of the parking lot.

Even with the recent rains all projects are still on schedule.