Checking Sanitary Sewer in Lockridge

Written by Theresa Rose on October 11, 2016

Sanitary sewer investigations will be conducted on October 11, 2016 by a joint crew from the City of Lockridge and French-Reneker-Associates, Inc., Engineers & Surveyors.  The investigations will involve blowing a non-toxic white smoke into the sanitary sewers and recording where it leaks out.


The purpose of this work is to locate areas where surface and ground water can enter the sanitary sewer system and contribute to its periodic overloading.  These areas typically consist of leaks in the sanitary sewer system; area drains and cleanouts; and downspouts connected to the sanitary sewer system.


All of the sanitary sewers in Lockridge will be tested.  During the investigations, you may notice some of the following:


  • Smoke Emitting from Your Sewer Vent Pipe on the Roof. This indicates that the vent pipe is functioning normally.  One of its functions is to provide an outlet for gases of any kind that might build up in the sewer.


  • Smoke in Your Basement. If this occurs, you may have a faulty trap in your plumbing.  Sewer gas could also enter your house through this faulty trap.  Some sewer gases are poisonous and explosive.  Notify your plumber and have him carefully inspect the installation and correct the potential problem.  These traps must be full of water at all time to keep gases out of your house.  In many cases, the addition of water is all that is necessary to correct the situation.


  • Smoke Emitting from Your Eaves. If this occurs, your downspouts are connected directly to the sanitary sewer.  The hookup should be disconnected as it contributes to overloading of the sanitary sewer system.


  • Smoke Rising from the Ground. This indicates faulty pipe joints or broken sewer pipes and the smoke is escaping from the sewer through cracks in the ground.


  • Smoke Emitting from Storm Water Drains. This indicates that the storm water drain is connected in some fashion to the sanitary sewer system.


If smoke is noticed in these or other locations, please notify the testing crew.

Please contact the City of Lockridge at 319-696-3311 or Melanie Carlson with French-Reneker-Associates at 641-472-5145 with any questions.