Cancer: Preventable, Not Inevitable

Written by Theresa Rose on May 14, 2019

By 2030, an estimated 70 percent of all cancers will occur among adults 65 years and older. This is primarily because the number of older adults is growing rapidly in the U.S. and age is the most important overall risk factor for cancer.


So, should we throw up our hands and just accept this trend? No! While there is no guarantee that you won’t get cancer, you can lower your cancer risk.  Experts estimate that Americans could avoid up to a third of all cancers by eating healthier, eating less and moving more.


May’s Fresh Conversations program will discuss health and wellness practices to reduce cancer risk. One such way is to add one more helping of vegetables to your daily meals. Vegetables are multivitamin powerhouses, packed with nutrition, high in fiber, rich in antioxidants and are naturally low in calories.


To learn more about a cancer-preventing lifestyle, mark your calendar for May’s Fresh Conversation program. This month’s Fresh Conversations program will be held at The Fellowship Cup on May 15th at 11am.  Local facilitator, Elise Klopfenstein from Henry County Health Center will lead the cancer prevention conversation as well as discussion on the best vegetables to eat to keep you healthy. Check out the congregate meal site along with the activities they offer and take part in a meal while you are there.


Experimenting with cooking methods for easy, tasty vegetable prep is part of the focus for May.  Fresh Conversations participants will learn about various varieties of cancer-preventing cauliflower. And, they will sample a recipe including with cruciferous veggies which is simple to make in minutes


Spring breezes make May the perfect time to get ready for spring activity.  Participants will practice activities to strengthen leg muscles in preparation for those early spring walks.


Call a friend and join a Fresh Conversations program for fun, fellowship and food. The program is free to attend. New members are always welcome. Stop in at The Fellowship Cup on May 15, 2019 at 11am and take part in the program.