Burlington Steamboat Days Upgrades Event Ticketing Procedures for 2018 Festival

Written by Theresa Rose on May 9, 2018


Burlington, IA – Burlington Steamboat Days will roll out a number of improvements to ticketing offerings and policy for the 2018 festival June 14-17. Major upgrades include multi-day pass holders will be issued festival wristbands with perks, and tickets will be covered by an event insurance refund policy.

“This is a way to streamline a number of issues that our fans have wanted us to improve, and it brings our event up to date with current festival operations across the country,” explains Burlington Steamboat Days President Amy Burkhart.

Multi-day passes feature the majority of upgrades. At their first visit to the festival, multi-day pass holders will be issued a plastic wristband to wear for the duration of the festival.

Wristband wearers will enjoy a dedicated entry lane to the main grounds, no longer have to show their paper ticket to enter the festival, and will receive a free beverage each day.

“All these changes are designed to provide convenience for our fans,” continues Burkhart. “You won’t have to fumble for your paper ticket at the gate every day – just flash your wrist band for us to scan, and you’re in. And the free drink is our gift to you for coming to the show.”

Wristband wearers will be able to get a free beer at the Mississippin’ Landing Beer Garden or inside the main grounds. Beer and soft drinks will also be available at the Mississippin’ Landing.

Participating local businesses will provide special offers to patrons who show their wristband. Check www.steamboatdays.com for the list of offers as they’re made available.

For the first time in many years, Burlington Steamboat Days planners have secured event insurance to give fans a little piece of mind when making their advance purchase.

Burkhart is optimistic that it won’t be needed, but she understands that weather is always in the back of fans’ minds when deciding to buy a ticket more than a week or two ahead of the event.

“Even with the recent rise in the river, we’ve been assured by the construction company and city officials that the riverfront flood wall project will be complete and we’ll be ready for business by June 14,” Burkhart says. “There may be some cosmetic work that still needs done, but that won’t have an impact on the festival.”

Festival-goers who are squeamish about buying in advance for fear of weather or other unforeseen issues can take comfort in the fact that the insurance policy enables Burlington Steamboat Days to offer an event cancellation refund option.

“We’ve been lucky in our 56 year history of having very few significant weather events. However cancellations have happened, like the flood in 2008,” Burkhart continues. “This time, should something like that happen, our insurance provider will allow for refunds.”

Organizers have also made upgrades to the VIP experience. New this year, fans can buy single-night VIP tickets, and all VIP guests will enjoy a dedicated beverage service inside the VIP area.

“In the past, if you wanted to get up next to the stage for one night to see your favorite performer, you had to buy a full week VIP package,” explains Burkhart. “Now you get to decide if you want to buy a single night VIP or get the full festival package.”

Online ticket purchasers will also enjoy a convenience benefit as well. Instead of bringing a printed copy of their ticket, fans can show their e-ticket barcode at the gate for scanning and entry, similar to an electronic airplane boarding pass.

Burkhart says that the overwhelming majority of festival tickets are bought online. “Providing a paperless smartphone scan option is an extension of the way people expect us to operate.”

Fear not, paper print-outs of e-tickets and hard tickets will still be accepted.

Multi-day and single-day grounds passes will be available for sale at Hy-Vee stores in Burlington, Fort Madison, Keokuk and Mount Pleasant beginning May 21.

“A lot of people have worked very hard to enhance the ticketing experience,” Burkhart concludes. “This year’s upgrades make entry more convenient, throw in some pretty neat perks, allow for VIP accessibility, and provide some buyer security – all while keeping the festival affordable.”

Burlington Steamboat Days is sponsored by Golden Eagle Distributing, Brockway Mechanical and Roofing, Titan Broadcasting and The Hawk Eye.

For details on multi-day pass benefits, the refund policy, and to buy tickets, visit www.steamboatdays.com.