Burlington Fire Department Announces New Key Safe Program for Residences

Written by Theresa Rose on June 7, 2018

The Burlington Fire Department has started to participate in a secure key safe program for residences that enables firefighters-paramedics rapid entry to your home without damage, if you’re not home or unable to open the door.
The program is through the Knox Box Company, providing their HomeBox. A Knox HomeBox is a key safe mounted outside a residence that can be unlocked only by the fire department. This is a voluntary alternative to forced entry or no entry when the fire department is called to your home for a medical emergency or fire alarm activation.
Knox boxes have been used by commercial properties for years. They are now available for residences served by the Burlington Fire Department. The HomeBox (key safe) can be mounted either permanently or temporarily, depending on needs or preference. The permanent mount is affixed to the building outside the front door. The temporary mount securely hangs on the entry door.
The cost of a HomeBox (key safe) is $174. It can be ordered online or by phone. Details are available on-line at http://www.knoxhomebox.com
Burlington Fire Department serves the city of Burlington and the four adjacent townships, including Concordia, Flint River Tama and Union. For more information, contact Fire Marshal Mark Crooks or Battalion Chief Bruce Workman at 753-8398.
Battalion Chief Bruce Workman
Burlington Fire Department