Bomb Threat at Fertilizer Plant

Written by Theresa Rose on July 21, 2015

Traffic is backed up outside the Iowa Fertilizer Company this morning as all vehicles are being inspected by on-site security due to a bomb threat. The threat was found Monday afternoon on the wall of a port-a-potty. The message said a bomb would go off Tuesday at 12:00. The company, located near Wever, called Lee County Sheriff’s Office Monday at about 3 pm to report the threat. The Sheriff’s office responded to the scene and contacted the State Fire Marshall’s Office. An onsite 36 man safety team of the IFC immediately began a search of the site. No suspicious items or packages were found. The State Fire Marshall’s office and Burlington Northern Santa Fe both were sending a bomb detection canine to the site. The Railroad is assisting since its tracks are close to the site. No suspects have been developed to determine who wrote the message. The Iowa Fertilizer Company at Wever is not in operation yet and no product has been manufactured. There are no storage tanks for gas or other volatile or combustible materials.