Board Votes to Pay for Network Upgrade

Written by Theresa Rose on August 9, 2016

Mt. Pleasant School District needs a network infrastructure upgrade. At the school board meeting Monday the district IT director Brady McFarland told the board that the current network is very dated.  He said there are currently problems but the additional macs for the high school one to one program will really cause issues….long wait times, slow websites and even network failure. McFarland brought in RSM IT Vision Cisco Toal Care Services for a Rapid Assesment to discover what would be the right design, what improvements are needed, is there enough bandwith.  RSM confirmed the performance issues, agreeing with McFarland’s assessment that the network needs upgraded.  The board voted to spend approximately $200,000 in penny sales tax funds to make the improvements that should be complete by the end of  September. McFarland will also put in place a plan for the future to keep the system current with ongoing updates and not incur future large financial expenditures to make major upgrades.