Board Settles on New Office Location

Written by Theresa Rose on June 16, 2016

Plans are to move the Mt. Pleasant School district central office to the corner of Washington and Grand. In a special meeting Wednesday the school board voted to go with a three year lease agreement with Property Partners LLC.  By mid July the district should be settled into the lower level of 102 E. Washington.  The board chose to rent at this time rather than buy due to some upcoming facility projects like air conditioning the elementary schools.  Also during yesterday’s meeting the board passed a resolution to tentatively approve financial support for a lighting project at Mapleleaf Athletic complex.  The Athletic Boosters are spear heading the effort to replace the current lighting system that’s been in use since the complex was built in the 1970’s. The Boosters asked for about $100,000 in financial support but the district has to put the project out for bid due to the estimated total $261,000 engineers estimate even tho the boosters are going to fund about half that amount. Also, the boosters can’t contract with an architect for a project on school property but have agreed to pay the $12,300 for architectural services from Shive Hattery.