Beware of Google Docs Phishing Scheme

Written by Theresa Rose on May 3, 2017

Google is currently investigating a phishing scheme that is running rampant around the internet.  The scheme is very convincing and targeting people, organizations and even school districts thru out the country.  KILJ has received many emails just this afternoon saying someone in our contact list just shared a Google Doc with us.  It imitates the way Google emails appear when people share Google Documents with one another.  Avoid clicking any weird Google Docs that have been emailed to you recently even if it’s someone you know. According to BuzzFeed News if you click on the fraudulent link within the email, it will take you to a real Google page asking for widespread permissions across your Google accounts, which, if granted (don’t) would give the attackers access to a vast amount of personal data. For now, it doesn’t seem like the hack can access this information unless you give it permission; however, if you open the link, it does seem to forward the email to everyone on your contact list.