Alice In Wonderland Opening Night!

Written by Theresa Rose on March 10, 2017

By Theresa Rose

We’re all Koo Koo sings the Cheshire cat! Why else would you be in Wonderland?  To see a fantastical production of Alice in Wonderland, of course! Mt. Pleasant Community Theater opened a musical version of this childhood favorite on the Heatilator stage Thursday night. The Koo Koo song was my favorite.  The production isn’t heavy with lots of big song and dance numbers…rather it flows  along with sweet charming musical bits and songs that intermingle with the dialogue until you come to the scene with the Queen and then Alaine Geiding gives it all she’s got!  The cast is large so I won’t try to talk about each character but that is exactly what they are, characters! The ensemble is mostly made up of children, precious as flowers, butterflies, mushrooms and the crazy mystical inhabitants of wonderland. I haven’t been so enchanted by children in a production since the “King and I”. The grownup actors even shed their “adultness” donning ears, tails and colorful, larger than life costumes.  I will mention Deb Masceranas as the The Rabbit. She might want to try for the Easter Bunny’s job, she’s that convincing as the harried rabbit.  The community theater production team shifted imagination into over drive for this one..creating fabulous costumes and ingenious colorful sets.  Wait until you see the Mad Hatter’s tea table! The pit orchestra is small but with talented members that create unique sounds and music to match this creative, unique production.  You definitely will leave the theater humming the Koo Koo song and wondering how you could spend more time in Wonderland. I might even go down that rabbit hole another time or two this weekend…there are performances tonight and Saturday at 7 pm and a Sunday show at 4 pm.