Agenda for Upcoming WACO School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on August 10, 2015

WACO Community School District
School Board Meeting
August 17, 2015 6:30p.m.

6:00p.m. Building Tour
1. Call to Order- Roll call
2. Recognition of Visitors & Communications
a. Presentation from Summer School Teachers
3. Approval of Agenda (with necessary amendment/deletions)
4. Review WACO Mission Statement
5. Recognition of good things for WACO CSD
6. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes
b. Financial Reports
c. Bills for Payment
d. Open Enrollment-None
e. Personnel
i. Resignations
1. Devin Gier-Special Education Associate
ii. Contract Approval
1. Natalie Whelchel-Early Childhood Teacher. Step 2D, $33,820.00
7. Old Business
a. Review of Board Policy: 503 Student Discipline
b. Purchase of 2014 Chevrolet Impala for Student/Staff Use
c. Refreshment Services Agreement (5 years) Pepsi
d. Kindergarten and First Grade Sections
8. New Business
a. FBG Service Presentation
9. Administrative Reports
a. Building Tour Discussion
b. Ice Machine
c. Volleyball Coaching Staff
d. Facilities Update- Dr. Smith
10. Items for future agenda
a. Elementary playground surface renewal
b. 2016 Vehicle Purchase
11. Adjourn