Accident Details

Written by Theresa Rose on June 29, 2018

On Friday, June 22, 2018, at approximately 4:24 pm, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office received a report a vehicle on fire in the 2600 Grid of Highway 78.  Henry County Deputy along with multiple agencies responded to the location including, Mt. Union Fire & Rescue, Winfield Fire Department, Fire & Rescue and First Responders.  The driver of the vehicle, Nathan Wyse of Mount Pleasant, was driving home after work, and admitted to law enforcement that he was fatigued and had been nodding off while driving.  While driving Nathan swerved across the center line and struck a mailbox, then crossed back over the center line a second and third time, ending with his vehicle in the south ditch of Highway 78.  The vehicle caught on fire, but Nathan was able to escape under his own ability with minor injuries.  Units were able to put out the fire and the vehicle was towed away.