More Wednesday Testimony in Syperda Trial

Written by Theresa Rose on May 2, 2018

Wednesday afternoon testimony in the Michael Syperda murder trial revolved around the recollections of the various Mt. Pleasant police officers and a former officer of their involvement in the original investigation into the disappearance of Elizabeth Syperda almost 18 years ago.

Current Sgt. and evidence control technician Dana Kuster along with Sgt. Mike Stalder assisted with the execution of a search warrant at the home of Syperda on September 5 of 2000.  By that time the Department of Criminal Investigation was assisting with the case. Wednesday afternoon’s questioning dealt with the evidence collected that included an emerald and diamond ring and a gold necklace supposedly belonging to Elizabeth.  Kuster was not managing evidence for the Mt. Pleasant Police Department at that time but did say swabs were taken of various stains in the house.  He also said he sent two swabs for testing taken recently from the bed of a pickup truck owned by Vic Lauer who is married to Michael’s mother, Carol.

Officers also testified regarding their involvement on other occasions with the Syperdas as well as Sarah Thomas including the night, one month before Elizabeth disappeared, that Sarah and Elizabeth stopped Officer Stalder to report the altercation at HyVee between the two, and Michael Syperda and Terri Thrasher.  Stalder said  Sarah and Elizabeth had physical injuries from the incident and were upset and scared. There was information that Michael had admitted alcohol and high emotions caused him, at that time, to behave in a way that was unusual for him.

Michael Syperda’s ex wife took the stand Wednesday morning on behalf of the state’s case against Syperda.  Michael Syperda is charged with first degree murder in connection with the disappearance of his estranged with Elizabeth Syperda. Following a grand jury hearing in November the cold case was re-opened and Michael was extradited from Colorado to stand trial in Henry County district court.  Sally Crill was married to Michael and moved with him, their children and Elizabeth to Henry County from California in the mid to late ‘90’s. Elizabeth continued to live with the family but according to Crill was not caring for the two young children.  Crill eventually left Michael and they divorced.  The judge also heard testimony from Jarrod Krabil.  He and Michael Syperda had been friends at the time of Elizabeth’s disappearance.  Krabil said on the stand Michael told him the morning after Elizabeth was last seen that she had been back at his house until 5 in the morning.