Supervisors Will Meet 2-14-17

Written by Theresa Rose on February 13, 2017


 February 14, 2017

Approve Minutes

9:00 Jake Hotchkiss, Engineer Weekly Update

Resolution to purchase motorgrader

9:15 Appoint Linda Raub to the Planning & Zoning Commission

9:30 John Pullis, Conservation Monthly Update

10:00 Public Hearing 1st Reading to Amend Ordinance

Prescribing the General Relief Program

10:15 Approve Resolutions for Transfer of Funds one for

Community Betterment to Secondary Roads & one for

General Basic to Historic Preservation

10:30 Canvass Votes of February 17, 2017

Special Winfield-Mt Union School Bond Election

Other county discussion as time allows

Supervisors Sub-Committee Updates