Written by Theresa Rose on July 7, 2015

By Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

Iowa enjoyed its driest week in nine weeks (the week ending May 3) with a statewide average precipitation amount of 0.30 inches while normal for the week is 1.09 inches. Rain totals varied from none over parts of central and north central Iowa to 2.17 inches at Davenport. Rain fell across the eastern one-third of the state on Sunday (28th) and Monday (29th). There were showers and thunderstorms over the southwest one-third of Iowa on Tuesday (30th) into Wednesday (1st) morning. The remainder of the week was dry excepting some light rain over far western and southwestern Iowa on Thursday (2nd) and a very small area of extreme western Iowa on Sunday (5th) morning. Meanwhile, temperatures were below normal until Sunday (5th) afternoon. Morning lows dipped to 44 degrees at Cresco and Elkader on Tuesday (2nd) and at Spencer on Wednesday (3rd). Sunday (5th) was the warmest day with readings reaching 90 degrees at Little Sioux, Sioux City and Lamoni. Temperatures for the week as a whole averaged from three degrees below normal across the southwest to six degrees subnormal over the northeast with a statewide average of 4.9 degrees below normal.