Ordinance Committee meets

Written by Theresa Rose on June 24, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant City Council Ordinance Committee met Wednesday morning. The committee considered a citizen request for a restricted registration to operate a golf cart on city streets. The vehicle would be a standard golf cart retrofitted to meet Department of Transportation standards. Iowa law allows this but the city can designate some restrictions. For example routes, number of passengers, speed, hours of the day. This discussion generated further conversation about allowing golf carts on city streets and questions the city will mostly likely get when an individual is seen driving a cart with a restricted registration. City staff will be directed to put together some possible criteria and suggest some restrictions. This will be brought back to the Ordinance Committee for further discussion.

Discussion regarding mobile food vendors continued. P&Z Administrator Jack Swarm would like to first clean up and clarify the city’s parking lot use regulations since these mobile vendors would most likely want to set up in private or city owned lots. Swarm would like to create a parking lot use permit for the private lots. He shared some ideas for a mobile food vendor permit. Swarm will continue to work on possible ways to manage mobile food vendors.

Residents along South Adams Street, two blocks north of South Street, and the Post Office are complaining that they aren’t able to access a row of mail boxes because cars are parking in front of the boxes. Evidently, there is one home where several people live and it’s the cars owned by these people that are causing the problem. Mt. Pleasant doesn’t have any ordinances specifically against parking in front of mail boxes. Police Chief Ron Archer said the best way to handle the situation would be to make that side of the street no parking.