2017 Mt. Pleasant Marching Band Invitational Results

Written by Theresa Rose on September 17, 2017

1A/2A                                                                        Caption Awards
1. Williamsburg                                                 Drum Major: Williamsburg
2. Wilton                                                             Color Guard: Central Lee
3. Central Lee                                                    Drumline: Highland
4. Mediapolis                                                     Horn Line: Williamsburg
5. Wapello
6. Highland (MO)
7. Winfield – Mt. Union
8. West Burlington
9. Cardinal

1. Benton Community                                       Drum Major: Benton Community
2. Fort Madison                                                 Color Guard: Benton Community
3. Washington                                                    Drum Line: Benton Community
4. Marion                                                            Horn Line:   Benton Community
5. Center Point – Urbana
6. Solon
7. West Delaware

1. Davenport Central                                        Drum Major: Davenport Central
2. Muscatine                                                      Color Guard: Ottumwa
3. Ottumwa                                                        Drum Major: Davenport Central
Horn Line: Davenport Central
Best Represented Band: Benton Community (100 fans)

Sweepstakes Award (combined Fort Madison & Mt. Pleasant scores):               Davenport Central

There were 1,659 students performing at this contest, with 838 visitor fans

The 20th Annual Mt. Pleasant Marching Band Invitational will be September 15, 2018